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UPDATE: The Triad of Creation will be staying open until further notice (No more Termination Date!) and our Donor Store has been re-opened!

As much as it pains our heart to announce this, The Triad of Creation Pixelmon (TToC) will be closing it's doors estimated around July 27th, 2017, if not before then. We are so thankful for the amazing community we have created and continue to see develop and hopefully this won't be the end of us. We will keep our Discord open and keep everyone posted on what is going on if we further the server with another mod. Thank you all for your support and being part of the Triad of Creation family. Thank you, its been fun. <3

~ TToC Owners, Tymbs and Blazer178

CyborgMarioMC I have a suggestion for a modpack the server can use its called FoolCraft its a good modpack
Tabish3304 o Will definitely miss the server and will definitely join in whatever mod/pack it turns into :d
[Owner] Blazer178 a It's been a great run, but all great things must end.

Write a review on either PixelmoMod forums and/or PixelmonServers and get 1 free shiny of your choice for BOTH reviews!

For more info on this promotion, go >here<.
Rules apply.
Direct links are located in original post.

KoolKat191800 hi I'm new to the server but already its a amazing server and I will continu paying on it

We will be holding a pokemon battle tournament this Saturday (7/15/2017) at 11:30 AM PST!

If you're the lucky winner, you will receive 10Mil in-game currency and 1 shiny (of your choice!).

Tournament Rules:

  • No external items
  • No legends
  • No two of the same pokemon
  • At least 6 people have to participate

See you then!

PS: Tournament date has been rescheduled due to less than 6 players participating. The date of the new tournament has been updated above. Please message Blazer178, Tymbs or post on our Forum post stating that you will participate.


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